Tarcento lies on the slopes of Monte Chiampon, Monte Stella and Monte Bernadia and is characterised by the variety of its natural environment including its role as a link between the upper Torre Valley and the foothills of the Prealpi Giulie [Julian Alps].
Among the must-see events is without a doubt the “Pignarûl Grant” held on the 6th of January: the great bonfire to mark Epiphany in Friuli – well-known throughout Friuli for the predictions of the ‘Vecchio Venerando’, and preceded on the 5th of January by races with fiery floats.
The area is full of attractions: from Villa Moretti to Castellaccio, from the Archaeological and Naturalistic Museum to the medieval village of Villafredda. Tarcento offers countless places to discover.
From a wildlife point of view, the area is ideal not only for city walks or walks along the Torre River, but also for trekking and cycling routes – both e-bikes and MTBs (mountain bikes). A highlight is the Crosis Waterfalls – at a height of 38 metres, accessible by a one-hour trail that is also suitable for children.
Finally, a trip up Monte Bernadia is a must, not only for hikers but also for bikers. In fact, each year in the month of February a motor rally is organised to ride up to the Fort, a fortified building dating back to 1910.




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