Attimis is a town in the Colli Orientali del Friuli (195 m above sea level), with a remarkable medieval historical legacy. A large collection of artefacts, weapons and fine examples of medieval sculpture are preserved in the Medieval Archaeological Museum, or “Museo della Terra dei Nove Castelli”.
The picturesque remains of the upper and lower castles, together with the nearby fortresses of Partistagno, Zucco and Cucagna, are distinctive. The Castle of Partistagno is certainly the most remarkable: built around the year 1000, it is featured in Ippolito Nievo’s novel “Le Confessioni d’un Italiano”. As well as being a popular venue for events and exhibitions, the Castle is also open to visitors.
There are also cycle routes, for MTBs (mountain bikes) and E-bikes (there are also two charging points in the municipality). Attimis also boasts a range of tourist trails, with 16 registered and accessible paths.
The Cammino Mariano of Attimis is also worth a visit: it leads to the Marian Sanctuary of Porzûs, the Chapel of the Madonna de Sesule. It was here, on 8th September 1855, that Our Lady appeared to little Teresa Dush. The 10-year-old girl was busy cutting the lawn and, when Mary appeared to her, she immediately took the sickle from her hand: the Chapel was built in memory of the event (Sesule is the sickle in the Friulian language).
The path continues through the pastures of Porzûs, the scene of a massacre of resistance fighters in 1945, and winds its way to Montemaggiore, where it joins the Cammino Celeste (6th stop).



Municipality of Attimis
Piazza A. Moro, 12
33040 Attimis (UD)
T. +39 0432 789028