Noax Award 2022 – “Belle sono le vigne e bello è far risuonar in loro il nostro canto”

The “Noax / Navuàcs Award” promoted by the Municipality of Corno di Rosazzo and the Corno Cultural Club has reached its ninth edition this year. The competition, which for years has combined the language of art in its entirety (literature, theater, cinema, photography, design, …) with the enhancement of the historic site of Noax, this year looks to music: “Beautiful are the vineyards and beautiful it is to make our song resound in them ”.


For the 2022 edition the artists have to compose a piece of music for solo horn and wind orchestra inspired by the hills of Corno di Rosazzo and the beautiful vineyards that make that place special. The piece chosen from among the participants will be performed in the most beautiful vineyards of the area, thus combining listening to music with enjoying the landscape and tasting the wines right where the grapes are formed and inspire the artists.


The complete announcement with the rules to participate is available on the Municipality’s website at this link: Noax Award 2022. The songs must be submitted not later than June 20th, 2022.


For information:
Artistic director of the Noax / Navuàcs 2022 Award
Paolo Coretti, architect, via Bertaldia 72 – I – 33100 Udine
Tel .: +39 – 0432 – 299101

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